Britain’s ‘New Puritans’: Youth Drinking Falls Dramatically

When Xenia Clegg Littler and her friends were underage, their idea of fun was shopping, walking in parks and eating ice cream, not doing shots or chugging beer. She never had a drink until she was 18, the legal age in Britain and now, at 19, she has as little interest in alcohol as ever.

“I’d rather wake up in the morning and get on with my day and achieve what I want to achieve than wake up with a massive hangover,” said Ms. Clegg Littler, an actress from West London. “I need to have control over where I am, and what I do.”

Teenage and young adult drinking has fallen drastically in recent years all across Europe, and nowhere as much as in Britain. In less than a generation, British teenagers have gone from being among the biggest underage imbibers anywhere in Europe to being about average. Read more here.