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Choose You

Now more than ever, it’s important to prioritize our mental and physical health. Whether you just need a few more tips for managing stress, or help finding treatment, check out these resources for choosing a healthier, happier you.



Managing Stress, Loneliness, & Anxiety During a Pandemic

It’s normal to be experiencing more stress and anxiety right now. Many areas in Alaska are already isolated geographically, and this pandemic has left many feeling even more isolated. You might be noticing changes in your sleep or eating habits, struggling to stay focused, feeling disconnected from others, or experiencing worsening symptoms of chronic or mental health conditions.


Here are some resources to help you manage additional stress, anxiety, and loneliness:

Managing Anxiety and Stress

Managing Loneliness

Resources for Managing Loneliness While Isolated

Tips for Staying Connected

Managing Isolation While in Recovery

Staying Sober

Check out our Virtual Sober Lounge where you can click around to find resources, tips, and support for staying sober.

Tracking & Shifting Your Alcohol Use Habits

Observe your drinking patterns and identify ways to reduce or change unhealthy drinking habits with this personalized, free app.

Recovery Is Possible!

View these amazing recovery journeys and remember, recovery doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to look like someone else’s recovery. It just has to be yours.

Wondering where to start? Check out these Recovery Resources or visit our home page to find the support you need.

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