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Welcome to the provider section of Recover Alaska. Bellow you will find resources intended to benefit alcohol treatment providers and counselors. To contribute additional resources to be shared on this page, please email us at


Quick access to patient forms for alcohol treatment programs in the state of Alaska:

Volunteers of America, Alaska Referral Form


Shared presentations discussing alcohol misuse and treatment methods. These presentations are submitted by counselors and providers to provide an overview of treatment techniques and a better understanding of alcohol misuse. These presentations do not reflect the thoughts or opinions of Recover Alaska unless otherwise stated. To submit a presentation for consideration to be included below, please email

Addiction Interaction Disorder: Understanding Multiple Addictions

Alcohol Use Disorders

An Overview of Psychological and Biomedical Issues During Detoxification

Co-Occurring Medical and Psychiatric Conditions

Common Emergencies in Detox

Detox Medications

Power of science on drug abuse and addiction

Overview, Essential Concepts and Definitions in Detoxification

Settings, Levels of Care and Patient Placements

The Medical Management of Alcohol Withdrawal

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