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Hiland Mountain Lullaby Concert

This year there is something new for the Hiland Mountaing Lullaby Project: eight men will join nine women from Hiland to write lullabies for their children. The Hiland Mountain concert promises to be compelling and engaging as mothers and fathers step on stage with Anchorage musicians to share their heartfelt lullabies. Hiland Mountain Lullaby Project was developed so that women who have had challening life experiences and are incarcerated at Alaska’s Hiland Mountain Correctional Center have an opportunity to write a song for their child or children. Now this opportunity is also given to eight fathers at Hiland Correction Center. For more information, including ticketing information, click here.

Hiland Mountain Lullaby Project is an initiative of Keys to Life, a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening an inclusive community through rich cross-cultural experiences. Find registration forms and more information at

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