OPINION: Anchorage can’t afford to leave money on the table for harm prevention

Anchorage is a community filled with diversity, a passion to thrive and a desire to prosper. Yet we are faced with challenges that continue to loom and reveal both immediate needs and demand for long-term change. Our current systems are not bringing forward the change our community seeks.

In 2020, Anchorage voters began to reimagine their city. They committed to a bold, practical solution for addressing Anchorage’s most pressing challenges by approving a 5% sales tax on alcoholic beverages sold in the municipality. The new funding is dedicated to three core areas: public safety; preventing child maltreatment, sexual assault, and domestic violence; and preventing and treating substance misuse, mental health disorders and homelessness.

Two years later, the vision formed by Anchorage voters is slowly but surely on its way. The programs funded by the alcohol tax so far shine a bright light on how the funding can work to reimagine Anchorage: READ MORE HERE…