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State of Intoxication

Ari Considers Her Pregnancy

Twenty-year-old Will Seward sips coffee. (MARC LESTER — Anchorage Daily News) August 7, 2013 Twenty-year-old Will Seward sips coffee at the start of his day. His mom, Carol, describes Will as kind and eager to please. She says he has occasionally struggled with mental health issues. In moments of crisis, he has heard voices telling […]

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Meet the Family

Carol Hatch, 64, wanted to be a mom and provide care for children for as long as she can remember. She grew up in Seward and has Aleut heritage. In 1985, she moved to Anchorage and briefly taught kindergarten and second grade before quitting to care for foster children full time. Over the years, Carol […]

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Carol Hatch steers six alcohol-damaged children into adulthood

Carol Hatch has six adopted children, now adults, who have each been diagnosed with a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. She has fostered dozens of others. (MARC LESTER — Anchorage Daily News) For a quarter-century, Carol Hatch has lived in a big brown house off Arctic Boulevard, raising a family not quite like any other in […]

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The Hatch Family

Can one mom’s devotion to her kids overcome lifelong FASD struggles? To the Daily News: I read with interest about the ADN project regarding alcohol and the tremendous influence it has on the people of Alaska. I would like to offer my family’s experience living with the effects of alcohol misuse. I am the adoptive […]

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