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  • What happens when a killer is celebrated every day

    A powerful, personal account from a recovering alcoholic on how society views alcohol. Read the full article from The Huffington Post here. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER FOR MORE NEWS LIKE THIS, STRAIGHT IN YOUR INBOX!Leave Blank:Do Not Change:Your email: 

  • Poetry in Prison: Alaska inmates find creative outlet— and national recognition— through art

    The Alaska Dispatch reports on how Alaska inmates who have battled drug and alcohol addiction are sharing their very personal stories through poetry, and receiving national recognition. Read the full story in the Alaska Dispatch here. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER FOR MORE NEWS LIKE THIS, STRAIGHT IN YOUR INBOX!

  • Marlana’s Story

      My name is Marlana and I am from Barrow, Alaska. I graduated from my first intensive inpatient treatment on November 4, 2015. I was addicted and had lost everything in my life. Lost my husband, my kids, and my job. Most of all, I lost all self-respect. I was in such a deep hole […]

  • Chris’ Story

    Hi, my name is Chris. Just under two years ago I had a drug and alcohol addiction. ‬‬‬‬I was very depressed and couldn’t see any future. ‬‬‬‬I attended a rehab program and with support I managed to turn my life around. ‬‬‬‬I started to work as a volunteer with a recover team and they taught […]

  • Alicia’s Story

    I just thought I’d share that as of February 12th, 2014 I became sober. My name is Alicia. It’s been over 2 years since I quit. It was not an easy process but with the help of my dreams of flying and starting paragliding first then later hang gliding, I am still sober. I am […]

  • Why Day 001 is worth watching and sharing

    The power of a story was the inspiration behind the “Day 001: Voices of Recovery” project. We know that every single person who has struggled with alcohol addiction has a very personal and unique story; no one’s journey to recovery is quite the same. However, they each have some general traits that may resonate with […]

  • Day 001: Samuel Johns

    Samuel Johns was once a young kid in the village who felt like he would never amount to anything. He used alcohol to grieve and to numb a lot of the pain he was experiencing in life. He says his day one was May 22, 2007, the day he knew he had to become a […]

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