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Support for Senate Bill 76

Senate Bill 76 was introduced on March 3, 2017, and aims to reform the way the State of Alaska regulates the sale and manufacture of alcohol. Recover Alaska is a vigorous supporter of the bill, which includes the following public health wins for Alaskans:

  • The regulation of online sales of alcoholic beverages, including criminalizing the shipment of liquor or beer to Alaska and ensuring wine is only shipped to locations and individuals legally allowed to possess alcohol (i.e., not to dry communities or underage youth). There is currently no legislation regulating online sales.
  • Increased accountability for license-holders who overserve customers or serve underage youth.
  • Implementation of statewide keg registration to hold accountable adults who purchase beer for underage youth.
  • Mandatory server education programs for anyone who serves alcohol, closing current education loopholes.
  • Elimination of public convenience licenses. Currently, population restrictions on licensing may be canceled out provided enough signatures are obtained.
  • Increased data in local option areas, allowing better tracking of alcohol shipments and storage and improved research capacity.

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