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  • Tyler Young aka 2essentialz: Do You (Rough Draft)

  • I Knew It Was Time to Change
    I do this one day at a time and sooner rather than later- you will have some time sober. Love yourself and be gooder than yesterday!

    Before recovery, I was broken in every which way. What made me realize I had a huge problem was when my family didn’t want to be around me anymore. From drinking all day and night, to landing in the ER multiple times and missing work, I knew it was time to get help. I knew […]

  • The Moment I Quit Drinking, I Was Born Again

    I wasn’t my true self. People lost trust and respect for me. I lied to cover up my addiction. I stole money for my next drink. I carried bottles of hard liquor in my purse so I could have enough to drink, but it was never enough. I was homeless. I lost my apartment because […]

  • Wake Up, Show Up, Don’t Give Up, Sober is Doper

    In my addiction, it was the biggest misrepresentation of who I truly was- as a human being, son, brother, father, and friend. I wore layers of masks to hide to the world who Jason really was. I dwelled in self-pity and used shame to keep myself stuck in my addiction, in a pit. I got […]

  • I Love and Trust Myself Again

    In one year, I survived extreme violent trauma, a family crisis, and the death of my father. I was left to pick up the pieces of my soul, but I had no healthy coping skills. I turned to alcohol and drugs to numb my deep pain, PTSD, and sorrow. I also suffered from bulimia. My […]

  • Recovery is a Beautiful Thing

    My name is Wesley, and I am a person in long-term recovery. What that means for me is that I have not used a mind-altering substance since February 6th, 2013. I was actively addicted to drugs, alcohol and a lifestyle of crime for 12 years. I lived to use and used to live. My life […]

  • My Life Changed Overnight

    My name is Keith and this October I will be seven years sober. My life before recovery consisted of me drinking all night and trying to have enough alcohol to last me until the liquor store opened at 8 a.m. the next morning. The turning point for my addiction was when I started hearing the voice of my […]

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