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Recover Alaska regularly engages and supports research efforts to share with policy makers, social workers, providers, and those seeking help for a loved one.

Below you’ll find our most recent Data Report, partner reports & whitepapers, and a variety of important terms to know and understand. 

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Recover Alaska Data Report

The Recover Alaska Data Report uses information compiled from a variety of local and national resources, including Recover Alaska’s poll on Alaskans’ perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs about alcohol use. The report is updated every two years.
Data Report

Reports & Whitepapers

Below you will find links to research, reports, and best practices for providing better care and data on issues surrounding alcohol use in Alaska.

Providers, legislators, funders, advocates, and other support persons use these reports as a source of up-to-date research on alcohol use in Alaska. Do you have research or a report that you feel would be useful to our audiences? Click here to contact us about reviewing your report for broader sharing.

Terms to Know: