Prevention Efforts and Partnerships

Recover Alaska partners with other local and national organizations to ensure Alaskans have all the possible resources they need to prevent harms from Alcohol misuse for themselves, loved ones, and their community. Below are a few efforts we are actively working on. Learn more by engaging below.
The Alliance
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The Alliance

United to prevent alcohol misuse and promote community wellness.
The Alliance engages people and communities as partners, to promote individual and community wellness, and prevent excessive alcohol use and harms in Alaska.
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Our Vision for Community Wellness

Community Wellness means to us that our people are healthy and experience overall well being, and no one among us is suffering from the effects of trauma. We all feel like we belong, are connected, are valued, and contribute. We recognize our diverse cultural and personal strengths. We are using healthy coping mechanisms and good self-care. Our local, geographic communities are thriving and safe. Our lands and waters are as resilient and healthy as our people. We are all adequately resourced to respond to everyone in the community and to help individuals and families who need it. Our regions are connected and sharing ideas, resources, successes, and failures.

Our Shared Journey

The story of our shared journey of learning, research, and development unfolds in The Alliance’s Emergent Strategy: Layering a Strong Foundation for Change.

First, this narrative frames the problem of excessive alcohol use in Alaska, and the rationale for why we are working together to do the work that no one organization can do alone.

Second, it forms the theory of change for The Alliance—a novel and delicate approach that seeks to create the conditions for systems change. This is a complex and unpredictable path, so we are using an emergent strategy. This is unlike linear logic models. The learning that has been gleaned so far is organized within the seven core elements of emergent strategy defined by Adrienne Maree Brown.

Our Structure


Workgroups hold decision-making within The Alliance, to flatten hierarchy and ensure that leadership is shared across the network. We currently have six workgroups: Communications, Data & Learning, Evaluation & Learning, Network Design, Strategy, and Transforming Conflict.

To learn more about current workgroups, their aims, and meeting times, please see The Alliance New Member Orientation Packet linked below.

The Alliance New Member Orientation Packet

Regional Co-chairs

Regional co-chairs are contracted leadership positions within the Alliance, and we currently have twelve co-chairs representing regional locations across Alaska.

What regional co-chairs bring to The Alliance:

  • Place-based wisdom- Regional co-chairs also serve as ambassadors for Alliance messaging and strategy, making connections when it is possible and appropriate to do so.
  • Relationships- Regional co-chairs will work to include wellness and prevention professionals and community/culture workers working in their region within Alliance processes. If you are getting this onboarding document, chances are you have already read
Meet your Regional Co-Chairs

Changemaking in Alaska:

Community-driven Projects We Support

Each year, Recover Alaska works with partners around our state to address and prevent alcohol misuse. Our mini-grantmaking strategy is grounded in our values and aligned with our mission while remaining responsive to the identified needs of the communities. We created the Changemaking in Alaska page so people can see the projects we fund, the amazing work youth and organizations in Alaska are doing, and find inspiration for potential ideas for your own communities. We know that the work of preventing alcohol misuse and related harms needs to be a collaborative effort and we are here to support people as they work toward a strong and vibrant Alaska free from the consequences of excessive alcohol use. Enjoy viewing!