Screening for Alcohol Misuse

Alcohol Screening Tool

Are you worried that alcohol use is negatively affecting you or a loved one? An easy first step is to complete a screening to see where you or someone else is right now regarding your relationship with alcohol, and what help you might need. By clicking the link below, you will be directed to a page offering a variety of screening options. You will also have access to other quick and anonymous screenings designed to provide feedback on various areas of wellness, emotions you are experiencing, or struggles you are facing.

These screenings are meant to be an easy way to give you an idea of where you or a loved one may be in their experience with alcohol misuse. They are not a formal diagnosis and we encourage you to follow up with a local behavioral health professional or us at Recover Alaska if something comes up on the screening that is concerning for you. You are not alone.

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Screening for You or a Loved One
Please note that information and screening results on the Recover Alaska site are not intended to diagnose alcoholism or any other condition, and should only be used to help you better understand alcohol use and the potential health issues associated with it. For a formal assessment, contact a health professional.