Social Norms Campaigns

Social Norms work is an important part of changing long lasting perceptions of alcohol misuses and the harms it. We make an effort to include this work to transform perceptions by highlighting social norms and changing the narrative around alcohol use disorders, honoring recovery, and asking the right questions. We treat alcohol as the norm and don’t question the harms that come with it. It is important for our community to begin to understand why we do this—why we ask “why do you drink?” instead of “why don’t you drink?”.

See are four most recent campaigns below and click to learn and understand more, get involved, or share with your own connections and community.


Be [You]

Be [You] is a statewide media campaign that seeks to prevent and reduce underage drinking among youth by challenging the misconception that most teens drink alcohol.

This work was made possible by support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and was done in partnership with the Alaska Wellness Coalition. It follows the positive culture framework of highlighting real-life positive statistics and norms (typically a disconnect in people’s perceptions) rather than using fear-based messaging.

Learn more about Be[You] and how to get involved by visiting

Choose You

Choose You is about prioritizing your mental and physical health. Whether you just need a few more tips for managing stress, or help finding treatment, check out these resources for choosing a healthier, happier you.

Day 001

The Day 001 video series addresses how recovery from alcohol misuse has led to positive outcomes for individuals and families in Alaska. The series motivates those struggling with addiction to seek help and educates community members about their role in the solution. Two seasons of Day 001 have been released — see videos from both seasons in our video library.

Let’s Get Real

Looking for real conversations about sobriety? Recover Alaska partnered with five great relevant podcasts to get real about sobriety and celebrate sober choices. Listen in to hear how Alaskans are breaking stigmas and celebrating healthy lifestyles. To our podcast hosts and guests, thank you for sharing your stories!