Integrated Care Initiatives

How do we support integrated care in Alaska?
In 2021, Recover Alaska embarked on a research journey to learn more about how both primary and behavioral health providers were integrating care. Detailed results can be reviewed on the Integrated Care Report (downloadable here). On this infographic, you will see some of the struggles providers faced when it came to collaborating and providing integrative care to improve client outcomes. From this research, Recover Alaska partnered with both behavioral health and medical providers in a pilot program to understand how to support improved integrated care in communities, called the Lazarus Collaborative. Below you will find materials, data and reports that highlight learnings from this pilot. For more information about this collaborative or to learn about how Recover Alaska can support integrated care initiatives in your community, please reach out to [email protected].

Lazarus Collaborative

Starting in the Fall of 2021, Recover Alaska supported the launch of a collaborative that consisted of primary and behavioral health providers serving the Mat-Su area. All levels of care were represented among the providers and peer support case coordinators were assigned to participants. The collaborative determined how they would work together to support better integration of care for clients, and agreed to track various measures to see how the co-designed processes for working together affected client outcomes. Shared Releases of Information, Memorandums of Agreements, and shared intake paperwork were developed by the group to support decreasing barriers for clients when accessing services and staying engaged in addressing all areas of wellness.

Multi-disciplinary teams met on a regular basis to review client needs, revise procedures, and work through barriers. Action Data Consultants facilitated the process to help with gathering data and providing materials that could be used by other communities. Below includes resources developed and able to be replicated to support integration of care in other communities:

Please feel free to reach out for additional information or to learn how about Recover Alaska can support a collaborative in your community. Call 907-249-6647 or email [email protected].