Living free from the consequences of alcohol misuse takes

All of us.

Group of people brainstorming

About Us

Recover Alaska is a multi-sector action group working to reduce excessive alcohol use and harm across the state. Our belief is that the entire community is impacted by alcohol, so the solutions are going to take all of us. We focus on every aspect of the continuum, from prevention and harms reduction to treatment and recovery, and seek to make sustainable change.

How We Work

Make Connections
Elevate the Conversation
Shift Perceptions
Work Upstream
We make connections with healthcare providers, prevention workers, peer support specialists, and individuals seeking information and support. We elevate the conversation by raising awareness of the negative impacts of excessive alcohol consumption and advocating for legislation and policies that will help reduce alcohol misuse and create safer, healthier environments. We shift perceptions to reduce the stigma around alcohol disorders, normalize sobriety, and celebrate recovery. And, we work upstream, coordinating a statewide alcohol misuse prevention alliance for health and wellness.

Our Funders