Our Mission

    Reducing excessive alcohol use and harm.


      Our Vision

      Alaskans live free from the consequences of alcohol misuse, so we are empowered to achieve our full potential.


        Our Values

        Collaboration: Together we are greater than the sum of our parts.
        Respect: Affirming every person’s inherent worth.
        Change: Alaskans working together can impact the wellbeing of our state.


        We Do This Through

        Access to Care

        Partnering with organizations to identify and address gaps in the continuum of care, as well as connecting those looking for resources to the help they need.

        Advocating for Change

        Raising awareness of the negative impacts of excessive alcohol consumption and advocating for legislation and policies to create a safer, healthier, and more equitable environment.

        Shifting Perceptions

        Reducing the stigma around alcohol misuse and seeking help, normalizing alcohol-free environments, amplifying the voices of those most affected, and celebrating and honoring recovery and sobriety.

        Working Upstream

        Partnering statewide to reduce risks and promote protective factors for youth and adults through an alcohol misuse prevention alliance for health and wellness.
        We recognize that, in order to change systems, we cannot ignore systems of oppression all around us, such as racism, colonization, patriarchy, heteronormism, etc. We know that focusing on populations at the highest risk will help all of us; a rising tide lifts all boats. We are working to prioritize equity - personally through staff training and reflection, internally through our governance structure, and externally by centering voices of people facing the biggest health disparities. We are imperfect. If you recognize opportunities for us to do better, please let us know.

        Why It Matters

        Alaskans have long known that our state has an alcohol problem that needs to be addressed. We are dying from alcohol at rates well over twice as high as the national average - nearly 10 times the national rate among Alaska Native people. Alcohol use costs our state nearly $2.4 billion every year, and has been identified as the top health issue for Alaskans in communities across the state. It directly and indirectly affects individuals, their loved ones, and society as a whole.

        Our belief is that change is not possible unless we get to the root of the alcohol overconsumption problem. We hope to do this by increasing understanding of the effects of excessive alcohol use, changing social norms about needing help and recovery, improving access to information about treatment and capturing data that will allow us to see where improvements in services and resources are needed, and building capacity across the state to increase health and wellness. 


        From investigative media partnership projects to analysis of Alaska’s alcohol statutes to sharing personal stories of individuals in recovery, we strive to break the cycle of alcohol misuse so that all Alaskans feel empowered to achieve their full potential.

        We cannot tackle this alone. We take a cross-sector approach, with partners in healthcare and public health, public safety, housing, education, and preventionists working on shared risk and protective factors. 

        Our funding partners include the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, Mat-Su Health Foundation, Providence Alaska Foundation, Rasmuson Foundation, State of Alaska Department of Health, Southcentral Foundation, and University of Alaska Anchorage.