Let’s Get Real
Looking for real conversations about sobriety? Recover Alaska recently partnered with five great podcasts to get real about sobriety and celebrate sober choices. Listen in to hear how Alaskans are breaking stigmas and celebrating healthy lifestyles. To our podcast hosts and guests, thank you for sharing your stories!
Let's Get Real

 Recovery Stories Have Power

Life after addiction isn't just possible - it's the norm. Studies show 3 out of 4 people who experience addiction eventually recover. The Recovery Stories Have Power podcast aims to center that hopeful message through authentic conversations that bring together people from all pathways of recovery and recovery allies. Through these conversations, we’ll build awareness, challenge societal stigma, and celebrate the role that recovery plays in improving the lives of individuals, families, and communities.
First Taste

First Taste

First Taste is a limited series normalizing sober and sober curious lifestyles. Hosted by Justin Williams of Justin’s Alaska Eats, each episode gets candid with topics around sobriety, such as navigating those probing conversations surrounding choosing not to drink alcohol at social events and ways to be mindful of your relationship with alcohol. Featuring an array of guests and delicious mocktail recipes, we hope you listen in!

Coffee & Quaq

The award-winning Coffee and Quaq celebrates and explores contemporary Native life in urban Alaska with a special on the topic of sobriety and the choices surrounding it.
“You don’t have to be able to see the whole staircase to take the first step. It was more of a feeling for me than it was a plan. I didn’t start really writing things out and doing the research and understanding what it means to lead a healthy life until after. Those things just come naturally and you have to give yourself time. You can’t be hard on yourself…It’s going to be scary, but you have to get over that fear, and you will. If you really, really, really want to do this, then you’re going to get over that fear. It’s inevitable.”

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The 49th Meal

Ever wondered what it’s like to be sober in the restaurant industry? Tune in to hear about one restaurant manager’s experience and how they started a zero-proof cocktail program. “I think that one of the differences between me getting sober this time and previous times is that I’m telling people this time. I’m really telling people because I want the people in my life to hold me accountable… I want you guys to all know. I want you guys to understand. Because I think it’s little things that people don’t think about. At work, it’s always so awkward because people want to go out for drinks, and I don’t ever go because I don’t want to be in a bar. There’s another part of me that feels like I’m missing out on all these social experiences but I don’t want to drink anymore. I just don’t. I feel like that part of my life is over.”

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Chroniclez Podcast

Host Cuzzo celebrates his 40th birthday reflecting on his youth and the influence of drugs and alcohol while co-host Docious talks about being sober his entire life. “Why did you decide to drink?” … “I don’t know, I think I just…when I was young, my process was…I think I was more sheltered in the fact that my family was very religious, so I think that for me it was kind of like, a rebel thing. … “That’s what I’m saying. Most people experience these things in their environment. Whether it’s drugs, cigarettes—my step-father smoked cigarettes. I smoked because I was imitating him. I didn’t inhale because I didn’t know how to, ‘cause it choked the shit out of me, but I did what I saw him doing. But I’m not a smoker.”

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Babe Town

Babe Town shakes it up with a mocktail tasting while discussing sobriety awareness with a historical look back to addiction and rehab advocates Betty Ford and Marty Mann. “So, rehab was hugely impactful for her—not only to get and remain clean, but she realized that there were no facilities for women who struggled with drugs or alcohol, and there was no help for their families or kids. So, she established the Betty Ford Center, which did both, and through her work with the center she started to connect that drug addiction was very, very connected to those who suffered from HIV/AIDS. So, she became super outspoken in her support for LGBTQ rights in the workplace and advocated for same-sex marriage.”

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