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At Recover Alaska, we recognize the importance of the health and wellness of our own staff. To that end, we are committed to continued self-education and to increasing our fluency to communicate effectively about systems of oppressions—racism, colonization—and the dedication to dismantling them.
As a small organization and team, we believe in supporting one another by addressing tasks as our personal capacity and mental wellness allow. We are a team and focus on working as a team.

Our energy is devoted to tackling the most commonly identified health problem in our state. If these values connect to you, you can review our job postings below or join us through volunteering—information below.


Working for Recover Alaska is all about progressing the Recovery Movement in Alaska. It’s thrilling to be on a team that encourages and acts on ingenuity, connection, equity, and self-growth—while at the same time working whole-heartedly to reduce the harms of alcohol usage for all of us. It’s not just a job, it’s a calling to be part of something much greater than yourself.

Sara Platt, Program Manager


Wellness Coalition Specialist

The Wellness Coalition Specialist assists with a wide range of projects, communication systems, relationship development, and coordination of administrative tasks for The Alliance, an initiative of Recover Alaska. The Wellness Coalition Specialist must be highly organized, attentive to detail, interested in networking, prioritize relationship, be able to work independently as a creative and critical thinker, and work effectively with others. The position requires professional flexibility in responding to needs at varying levels of priority, a learner’s energy, and passion for tackling the most commonly identified health problem in our state.

Essential Functions:

1. Coordinate communication and outreach

2. Assist with regional co-chair recruitment and support, member recruitment and onboarding, assist with workgroup member recruitment

3. Increase Alliance visibility through external communications

4. Coordinate website updates

5. Develop and deliver public presentations

6. Increase Alliance effectiveness through internal communications

7. Coordinate Alliance newsletter

8. Effectively communicate Alliance updates or briefs and other relevant communication

9. Build relationships with Alliance partners and stakeholders within related networks.

10. Utilize the Strategic Prevention Framework (training provided)

11. Oversight of logistics and planning for major events, including in-person Alliance meetings, training sessions, or summits to support prevention workforce development.

12. Assist with meeting facilitation

13. Support of all administrative tasks including meeting scheduling, coordination, and note-taking; Alliance-related travel, develop MOAs with partner agencies, initiating contracts and invoicing.

14. Manage and update member lists and Knack meeting sign-ins

15. Manage Alliance files on Google Drive and on the Recover Alaska server.

16. Attend meetings and trainings as required, some of which involve travel.

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $25.00 - $28.00 per hour

Expected hours: 32 per week

How to apply: Qualified applicants may send their cover letter and resume to: The first round of cover letters and resumes will be reviewed on Friday, October 13, 2023. The position will remain open until filled.

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