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At Recover Alaska, we recognize the importance of the health and wellness of our own staff. To that end, we are committed to continued self-education and to increasing our fluency to communicate effectively about systems of oppressions—racism, colonization—and the dedication to dismantling them.
As a small organization and team, we believe in supporting one another by addressing tasks as our personal capacity and mental wellness allow. We are a team and focus on working as a team.

Our energy is devoted to tackling the most commonly identified health problem in our state. If these values connect to you, you can review our job postings below or join us through volunteering—information below.


Working for Recover Alaska is all about progressing the Recovery Movement in Alaska. It’s thrilling to be on a team that encourages and acts on ingenuity, connection, equity, and self-growth—while at the same time working whole-heartedly to reduce the harms of alcohol usage for all of us. It’s not just a job, it’s a calling to be part of something much greater than yourself.

Sara Platt, Program Manager

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