Community Efforts


Place your hand on your heart. Take a deep breath in and out. Close your eyes and tune in to your body. In this simple act, many systems are at play - Muscular. Skeletal. Circulatory. Nervous. And many others. When there is an issue in one part of our body, many systems are impacted, and all of them work together to heal and become well.

Recover Alaska works at the system level to reduce excessive alcohol use and harms. Our focus expands from the earliest prevention to recognizing and treating alcohol issues to recovery and wellbeing for individuals and communities. Read on to learn more about our specific work.

Access to Care

We partner with organizations to identify and address gaps in the continuum of care, as well as connect those looking for resources to the help they need. We see access to care as a community-wide concern and seek out opportunities to support initiatives that increase access for individuals and families, as well as those that encourage healing within communities.


Policies shape our environment and experiences, and there are many evidence-based policies that work to create safer,healthier, and more equitable environments. Advocacy for these best-practice policies is a large part of the work of Recover Alaska, at the local, state, and federal level. Learn more about our advocacy efforts and training, and view education materials.


We participate in a variety of efforts and partnerships to help prevent alcohol misuse. Recover Alaska is home to The Alliance, a coalition that engages people and communities as partners to promote individual and community wellness, and prevent excessive alcohol use and harms in Alaska.

Social Norms

Social norms campaigns create healthier environments by shifting public perception and behavior. Our campaigns seek to reduce stigma, allow new information to be spread to large audiences, share stories, and form healthy, supportive communities. See some of our past social norms campaigns and shared stories here.

Media Partnerships

We aspire to elevate and shift the conversation around alcohol use in our state—from problems to solutions. Our work includes training journalists from across the state on data-driven journalism and partnering with Anchorage Daily News and Fairbanks Daily Newsminer on award-winning informative pieces. This work helps ensure that media coverage contributes to the discussion in a healthy way. Learn more about these campaigns and articles here.