The Blind Spot: Quitting Meth Alone, Together

This week we’re exploring the Blind Spot, a look at teens who are abusing substances, but aren’t being caught by the system set up to help them. In this story, KSKA’s Anne Hillman spoke with a couple relying on each other to end their methamphetamine addiction. Two young women sit in an empty classroom, their hands entwined. A […]

The Blind Spot: Harm Reduction at the Transit Center

If you’re a teenager in Anchorage struggling with homelessness, hunger, or addiction there are few places to turn. One of the few organizations in Anchorage helping at-risk teens on their own terms is hidden in plain sight in one of the city’s busiest buildings. The POWER […]

The Blind Spot: A System of Order Over Chaos

This week Alaska Public Media is exploring the Blind Spot – how youth who are part of and outside of the juvenile justice system are getting help for substance abuse. One option is inpatient programs like the Adolescent Residential Center for Help in Eagle River, part of the Volunteers of America in Alaska, which Anne Hillman toured with one […]

The Blind Spot: Spaces Between Statistics

In Anchorage, the number of criminal offenses by minors referred to the Department of Juvenile Justice has dropped by nearly half in the past decade for almost every offense type — except severe drug and alcohol offenses. That number has stayed fairly steady. As a share of the whole, substance abuse cases in Anchorage […]