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State of Intoxication

Spenard liquor store to lose license for 7 days after underage sale

Spenard liquor store must stop selling alcohol for one week as punishment for selling to an underage buyer, state regulators decided Wednesday. The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board voted 3-2 to fine In & Out Wine $500 and yank its liquor license for seven days, with 38 days suspended. The owner of the Spenard business, formerly […]

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Barrow mayor proposes city-run liquor store

Although alcohol sales are banned in Barrow, thousands of pounds of alcohol legally arrive every month at a city distribution center. That’s because voters elected in 1997 to go “damp,” meaning a limited amount of booze can be shipped to Barrow by holders of city-issued permits approved by the borough police department. Each […]

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Fighting a killer: How Nome built a safety net for drinkers

NOME — So many people died outdoors or vanished here that the FBI searched for signs of a serial killer. Hollywood made a movie blaming space aliens. The truth, federal investigators concluded, was simple and sad. People were coming to Nome and drinking too much, sometimes freezing to death in the wind and cold or […]

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Wet or dry? Shishmaref must make a choice

SHISHMAREF — Two skiffs are already anchored off the sandy tip of this arrow-thin island when 27-year-old Curtis Ray Nayokpuk, the last seal hunter to arrive, cuts the outboard on his boat. “What took you so long?” someone asks. “Traffic, man,” Nayokpuk replies. As his skiff bobs in the milky green inlet, half a dozen […]

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Bars breaking badly: Police get closing-time fights on video

Hands in his pockets, the guy in the black hoodie never sees the punch coming. One right cross to the chin and he’s out cold in the snowy Legislative Information Office parking lot. Cut to the pavement in front of the Gaslight Lounge, yellow under the streetlights. A fall-down drunk backhands a cop. Across the […]

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4 ideas for curbing drunken driving in Anchorage

Nick Hornshuh, 60, began tailing the Nissan on Sixth Avenue, looking for clues in the pre-dawn fog. The sedan drifted lazily between lanes, Hornshuh noted as he followed in an unmarked pickup. No turn signals. The car swerved and jerked, nearly missing an exit. Hornshuh, a volunteer, dialed 911. That call in mid-September marked […]

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Inside the crash that killed Citari Townes-Sweatt

Citari Townes-Sweatt, 20, stopped home to change clothes after her shift at Costco. She picked out a cute brown-and-white dress, posted a selfie to Instagram and nibbled the steak her mother had made for her. Another warm, sunlit Saturday night began in Mountain View. Citari bounded down the apartment stairs and a friend drove her […]

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