11 Online Recovery Meetings & Groups You’ll Want to Check Out

When you’re stuck indoors and can’t leave the house, it can be tricky to stay sober. Whether you’re house-bound because of sickness, a pandemic like COVID-19, or any other reason, you still need to be able to focus on your recovery. In fact, we would say that now more than ever you need to make sure that you are taking care of yourself by not drinking.

Still, we can all admit that it’s not easy during these times — especially when life is so stressful, everything on the news seems to be claiming the apocalypse, and your anxiety is understandably skyrocketing on the daily. While there are things you can do to stay sober when you can’t leave the house, one of the things that we sober folks need today more than ever is continued social support. For many of us in recovery, that usually means in-person meetings. But that’s just not possible right now, which is where this list comes in. Read more here.