‘A pump-and-dump kind of day’: How wine-mom culture shifted from funny memes to unhappy hangovers

In 2017, Celeste Yvonne’s day began with sending her kids off to school and heading to the office — usually with a mild hangover.

Around dinnertime she’d pour her first glass of Cabernet, and once her little ones were in bed, it was certain she’d finish the rest of the bottle.

That was then. Today, Celeste has been sober for more than 500 days and is open about it in her blog.

“I was very much entranced by the mommy wine culture, and I used that culture to self medicate,” said the mother of two from Reno, Nevada, who requested “Good Morning America” uses her pen name. “I needed an outlet and I needed a way to escape. It seemed like a perfectly healthy and almost chic way to decompress. I knew a lot of my friends were doing the same thing.

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