Edna Towarak’s Story

My new life started 8 months ago. That is the day I gave up drinking alcohol and started my journey to recovery. After years of addiction, I landed in the Emergency Room after drinking way too much and unfortunately, this was not my first alcohol-related trip to the ER. The look of concern and fear on my son’s face as doctors worked to get me back to health sparked a call to action for me. I knew at that very moment, I could no longer put my family through this chaos anymore. I have not had a drink since.

I wish I could say it has been easy. The decision to stop is one thing but the reality is, I am still an addict craving alcohol and I have had to fight daily to overcome the cravings. I do it because I have no desire to go back to my old life. It was an awful way to live and even more awful to know that the people closest to me had no trust in me. I used to tell myself I was only hurting myself but that was a lie and I knew it. My husband and children were being impacted in big ways. I had lost several jobs and could no longer hide my addiction. It feels so amazing to live a life with no more secrets and shame.

My new life without alcohol is awesome and to see how happy it makes my family watch me live a sober life is perhaps the best part! I now own a successful business and have a truly meaningful quality of life. I broke the cycle of addiction in my family and have high hopes it ends with me.

Both of my parents struggled with addiction and looking back now, I realize alcohol impacted my life in ways I never considered. My hope is that others consumed in the cycle of addiction know there is a way out, there is help and that a better life is possible. There are several forms of support and several ways to stay on your recovery journey, don’t stop searching and trying.