Heidi’s Recovery Story

My Name is Heidi and this is my Recovery Story

My name is Heidi Christensen. I live in Eagle River, AK with my husband and 2 children. I am Alutiiq and Athabascan. I am from Old Harbor, Alaska a village of 200 people on Kodiak Island.

I have been sober since June 22, 2015, 5 Amazing years.

What inspired me to find recovery? I was inspired by my lifestyle of substance use and dysfunctional lifestyle. The spiritual brokenness I had.  I wanted a happy home for my children and to be a good mother. My kids were my biggest motivators. While I was in treatment I found myself being fascinated on going to school and working in the substance use field. There was so much information to share about drugs and alcohol that I was hooked.

What inspires me to stay sober? I continue to stay sober for my children. I am also inspired by my participants that I work with in residential and outpatient treatment. I get to share my lived experience with other addicts and show them that recovery is possible.

The biggest surprise that I wasn’t expecting in my recovery is that I am able to challenge myself and learn to overcome life’s obstacles sober. I have completed the Regional Alcohol Drug Abuse Counselor Training twice.  I have obtained multiple certificates. Today I am also a student at UAA and I will be graduating next fall with my Associates in Human Services.

My advice to those who are contemplating recovery is, Recovery is the most freeing experience. If you want to get sober, reach out to others, ask for help!

In recovery, “I can genuinely be myself.”