How Getting Sober Finally Made Me Cool

Making the decision to get sober can feel like you’re trading in your identity as a Fun Person to instead become a bummer. But I’m going to tell you a secret, something so annoying, so frustrating, and so correct that it blew my mind: Being sober made me cool.

Listen: I KNOW. Drinking doesn’t make you cool is exactly what PSAs told us when we were kids, and it was an idea I railed against for 28 years of my life. Anyone who said that obviously didn’t know me; I could drink whiskey and beer, stay up all night, and party beyond reason. That’s fun—I was fun! I jumped off cliffs into lakes, I dove headfirst down icy driveways, I got in cars driven by people I knew were wasted and I didn’t say anything about it—see? Fun!

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