How to drink responsibly during virtual gatherings

Social distancing is still in high effect for individuals across the nation due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, while health professionals and government officials enforce this rule, it is not stopping people from getting together virtually. Celebrations, collegiate commencement ceremonies, socializing with friends and even happy hours are still being conducted in this isolated time. The show must go on, right? Mobile apps and phone features such as Houseparty, Zoom and Facetime have increased in usage more than ever in these past two months. In addition to increased virtual meetups, there has also been a rise in alcohol sales. A common denominator in celebratory and social settings is that people are still purchasing alcohol to keep close to old reality as much as possible. However, consumers are still advised to drink responsibly. Publisher of The Voice-Tribune, Janice Carter Levitch, had the chance to speak with the Director of Alcohol Policy and Reputation Management at Diageo North, Dr. Danielle Robinson, and ask her a few questions about moderation guidelines and healthy habits when drinking during this time. Read more from The Voice-Tribune here.