Liquor store chain to close a Mountain View store in response to neighborhood pressure

A Brown Jug liquor store in Mountain View will close by the end of the year, the company’s owners said Friday, a sign of an Anchorage-wide trend: Citizens are having more success pushing liquor stores to address problems caused by chronic alcoholics and litter. 

In an unusual agreement with neighbors, Brown Jug made a series of commitments. In addition to closing the store on North Bragaw Street, the company plans to spend $25,000 to spruce up a second Brown Jug store a few blocks away, stop using plastic bags, create a “do-not-serve” list of customers with addresses at local homeless shelters, and open the stores at noon instead of 10 a.m., according to the agreement signed with Mountain View neighbors Friday and first reported by the Mountain View Post. Read more here.