Make It the Summer of the Mocktail

Making an alcohol-free cocktail can be as simple as opening a can of bloody mary mix, but with a little more ambition, the home bartender can create tasty, refreshing and intriguing drinks.

In recent years, a number of companies have introduced alcohol-free “spirits,” like Seedlip, an English brand of complex botanical and spice concoctions. From Australia, Lyre’s is a new brand of stand-ins for malt whiskey, rum, gin, coffee liqueur, Italian-style aperitifs and more in fancy bottles (named for that country’s lyrebird). Spiritless, an alcohol-free “bourbon” from Kentucky, is scheduled to hit the market any day. All of these are distinguished by being distilled, supposedly making them closer to the real thing.

But without investing in these “impossible boozes,” there are many ways to create sophisticated mocktails. Read more from The Seattle Times and get the recipe here.