‘Recovery Boys,’ a new Netflix documentary now out, tells the stories of four men early in drug recovery in West Virginia

“It’s a hard film. It’s an honest film. It’s a film that America needs to see,” said McMillion Sheldon, the documentary’s director and one of its three producers.

In Feb. 2016, she and her husband, Kerrin Sheldon, temporarily relocated from Charleston to near Grafton to begin filming at Jacob’s Ladder Rehabilitation Center in Aurora.

Dr. Kevin Blankenship, a retired ER physician, founded Jacob’s Ladder to “remap pathways in the brain” after multiple failed attempts to find a long-term recovery center for his son anywhere in Appalachia, the heart of the opioid crisis. Read more here.


“Recovery Boys” was just released on Netflix. More information about the film, and a guide to hosting a community screening can be found here.