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Recovery is Possible

Today’s my daughter’s birthday in more ways than one. Because today also marks the third anniversary of my daughter’s sobriety. It’s been a long road to get here. Megan was in the 8th grade when she had an attempted suicide. Thankfully, she recovered, was diagnosed with depression and mood disorder, and began to see a counselor for her mental health. In the 9th grade, it seemed like Megan was okay, but she was still struggling. In the 10th grade, she started messing around with alcohol.

I knew she needed help beyond what I could offer. Volunteers of America had a facility in Eagle River where they treated teens with addiction issues and offered mental health services as well. In her first month there, the daily goal was just to get her up off the floor. She would just lay there and refuse to do anything. It was persistence that finally broke that wall down. Read more here.

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