Resilience After Trauma: An ACEs Mural Project

Alaska Children’s Trust is pleased to present a reception to launch Resilience After Trauma, a special collaborative art project coordinated under the direction of Mr. Steve Gordon, resulting in seven unique, storytelling murals by 20 different artists. Each mural reflects the powerful and personal stories of childhood trauma, resilience and healing.

Due to limited space we request you RSVP to attend this special reception by February 4, 2019, to [email protected] or 907-248-7374.

ACEs are adverse childhood experiences that impair development of children’s brains and bodies so profoundly that the effects persist throughout a person’s life. Sustained or repeated exposure to severe adversity without supportive relationships is toxic for children. Developing resilience – strength to care for one’s self, healthy support, and recover from challenge – can buffer children from the impact of ACEs. For more information, click here.