Sobriety and COVID-19: Coronavirus brings heightened challenge to those in recovery

Our very own Jessica Limbird, Program Manager for Recover Alaska, spoke with KTUU to share some useful ways of coping with the challenges of addiction, while we are practicing social distancing.

 “The new normal.” It’s a phrase we’ve been hearing a lot of lately as we adjust our lives to deal with the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. For those battling addiction, adjusting to that new normal can be an even bigger struggle.

In-person support groups are essential for those in recovery. While a call for social distancing may help slow the spread of disease, it raises other concerns for those battling addiction, but there are other ways to cope.

Jess Limbird is a program manager for Recover Alaska. She says those who offer support and recovery groups are already shifting how they connect. She says it’s all about getting innovative in finding those supports.

“Mutual aid groups like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) do have telephone meetings,” said Limbird. “There are virtual meetings here in Alaska, but nationally as well. Lots of different apps exist, so some of the ones that we’re aware of, and we like to support and promote are Sober Grid, Hello Sunday Morning, and Step Away is another one that we’ve just sort of learned about.” Read full story from KTUU here.