UAA professor develops app to help people stop drinking habits

Studies suggest people are drinking more as they work from home due to COVID-19. A timely app developed by a University of Alaska Anchorage professor is aiming to help people manage their drinking simply by looking at their phones.

Step Away was created by Patrick Dulin 10 years ago and he has worked to revise and improve it ever since. The app can be downloaded on a smartphone, where people input information about their drinking habits.

“As you use the app it starts to learn your patterns,” said Dulin. “So it’ll ask you, for instance, ‘Did you drink yesterday? Yes, I did. Well, what time did you drink?’ And then, if you want, it can load that in as a high-risk time.”

The app will alert people that a trigger may be coming and suggest different ways to deal with it. It will send another alert when it’s time to tally up daily alcohol consumption and compare that the participant’s goals. Read more of this story from KTVA 11 here.