I Knew It Was Time to Change

Before recovery, I was broken in every which way. What made me realize I had a huge problem was when my family didn’t want to be around me anymore. From drinking all day and night, to landing in the ER multiple times and missing work, I knew it was time to get help. I knew it was time to change, and I was lucky God gave me that second chance.

Today, life is happy, joyous, and free! I am still learning everyday and my passion to be the best version of myself- it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I am loved by so many- my family is behind me 100%. I have friends that are like family, and a sponsor that changed my way of thinking. I will never forget those breakthrough moments. Life is amazing today, spiritually, mentally and physically.

I do this one day at a time and sooner rather than later- you will have some time sober. Love yourself and be gooder than yesterday!