Veteran sheds light on early signs of alcohol abuse, risk factors

While not everyone who consumes alcohol will become an alcoholic, it is important to bring to light that with habitual use of alcohol, a person can develop a dependency that can spiral into a very serious health condition.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the early signs that can lead to alcoholism. Alcoholism is a chronic progressive disease, just like diabetes or high blood pressure. Alcoholism, if left untreated, can progress until it causes death due to excessive use or alcohol-related illnesses.

Today with the help of Army National Guard veteran, Michael Coffman Jr., Lejeune-New River Behavioral Health clinical and prevention supervisor, we are going to talk about ways to help you identify some of the common indicators of alcohol abuse, risk factors and how you can help veterans and active-duty service members who may be struggling with alcoholism. Read more here.