When a dive bar fan quit drinking, he set out to craft a nonalcoholic beer worth celebrating

If I type “Alban de Pury” into my Google Images search bar and hit “enter,” I see a tall, slender man attending parties. Lots of parties. There’s a photo of him wearing well-fitted dark denim jeans and a white Oxford shirt unbuttoned to his clavicle, waiting to be seated at contemporary artist Angel Otero’s private dinner in Montauk, N.Y. And there he is at a cocktail function honoring artist Marina Abramovic, his black blazer smartly scrunched up his forearm and his hand around model Jacquetta Wheeler’s waist. As an art ambassador for Absolut Vodka, then the director of partnerships for high-tech Brooklyn music venue National Sawdust, the son of famous art auctioneer Simon de Pury spent most weeknights of the past decade hobnobbing. “Friends used to call me Mr. Manhattan,” de Pury says with a slight eye roll.

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