I Love and Trust Myself Again

In one year, I survived extreme violent trauma, a family crisis, and the death of my father. I was left to pick up the pieces of my soul, but I had no healthy coping skills. I turned to alcohol and drugs to numb my deep pain, PTSD, and sorrow. I also suffered from bulimia. My addictions caused so many new problems. Worst of all, I grew to hate myself and I thought I’d never be able to recover.

After almost a decade of living in fear, pain, and lies- I came to a turning point. I knew that if I continued this way, I would lose everything, including my life. I went to a 12-step meeting and decided that I would do everything suggested for one year and if my life wasn’t better in a year I would go back to using. I did the opposite of my first thought for at least six months, since I knew my brain wasn’t serving me. I showed up when I said I would. I led meetings. I worked the 12-steps in twelve months. I had a sponsor and sponsored others. I branched out to find authors, speakers, musicians, and gurus who had a message I resonated with. And I didn’t pick up…one day at a time.

Today, life is un-fucking-believable! I’m nearing six years clean and sober. I have two children who have never seen me high. I own two businesses that are both dream jobs of mine, as a Singer and an Empowerment Coach! My life today is dedicated to helping others heal in the ways that I have. Best of all, I love and trust myself again. Life is beautiful!

You are divinely worthy of seeing how amazing your life can be. Give yourself a chance to remember who you came here to be. You CAN recover!