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Ralph Sara’s Recovery Journey

Name: Ralph Clement Sara

Where are you from: Born and raised in Bethel Alaska.

How long have you been sober? Since 01/18/2020.

What inspired you to find recovery? At first it was me being selfish. I was so tired of this revolving door of alcoholism I was in. I was only thinking of myself. Then while I was in the Ernie Turner Center something changed. I surrendered. It became clear to me that I wanted to go home and repair all the relationships that I have lost due to my drinking. Repair relationships with my children, my partner, my family and friends, my employer. At some point it went from being selfish and me, me, me. To wanting to help others suffering from the same thing I was going through. I want to be able to spread hope to people struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction. Be a beacon of light to those who are still struggling in the dark.

What inspires you to stay sober? My children, my partner, my family, and my friends. Being able to do something to help others to get help for themselves. I also want to end the stigma associated with recovery. To end the stigma of “the drunk native”, “the drunk Indian”, or “the drunk Inuit.” We are somebody’s Grampa, Gramma, Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, friend. I want to be an advocate for Native recovery.

Biggest surprise or best part of sobriety you weren’t expecting? Finding a voice. Having the courage to share my story and allowing others to share their stories through my podcast in hopes someone still struggling can relate and find their own courage to get help. 

Advice for those contemplating recovery? Being in recovery is not a bad thing. It is not shameful. Please reach out for help. You are not weak for reaching out. There are so many places you could reach out to. Google it! The internet is a wealth of information about recovery and where to find it.  Don’t give up! If you fall, get back up. You are in charge of your story and how it goes. You can always rewrite it and change the path you are on. Just don’t give up.

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