Britney’s Journey to Recovery

Name: Britney Maureen Baier 

Where are you from: Nikiski, Alaska 

How long have you been sober? Almost 6 years my sobriety date is 12-22-14 

What inspired you to find recovery? I hit my bottom, got my kids taken away by OCS and got to that point of desperation. I found myself being trafficked in California and lost it all. I prayed I went on to seek God, and HE saved me! 

What inspires you to stay sober? I love the life I live today. My children inspire me to stay sober. The women I work with inspire me to stay sober. And I never want to go back to that life I loved before sobriety. I was a walking ball of shame. Today I live in the light.  Helping others stay clean and sober and telling my testimony for the world to hear has been my driving force. Knowing that if I stay sober I will get to walk beside all my children through every major event in their lives…Also drives my sobriety. 

Biggest surprise or best part of sobriety you weren’t expecting? The best part of my sobriety I wasn’t expecting would be the life I live today. I never expected to be where I am. I am buying my childhood home that used to be my nightmare. I got my kids back and I am raising them here, drug and alcohol free! I now get to mentor women coming out of human trafficking. I get to sponsor women in Alcoholics Anonymous. I get to be a part of an organization called Authentic Relationships Inc. I get to teach at conferences called, Pursuing the Hidden Heart. These conferences focus on getting to the root of your shame by telling your story. I get to help others live in the light by telling their truth. This is also so beautiful because now I can walk beside my children and help them through their shame as they get older. I get to mentor women in sober living homes here on the Peninsula, one being Freedom House. I work as a Radio Marketing Consultant and that I love as well! I get to build relationships with local businesses in my community, the business I once disrespected. I now get to help them boost their business through radio advertising. The last surprise…and I am sure there will be more…I married the man of my dreams! He is also in recovery and has 6 years. My life is amazing 

Advice for those contemplating recovery? It is the best choice you could ever make for yourself, your relationships, your family and your life. You are loved and you have a purpose! God wants to use you, he wants to use your hurts and your pain and your story to help others. If you get sober and clean you have a beautiful testimony that will help someone else. Change the next generation, live in the light, for the first time ever, choose you! I promise you there is no greater high then living a sober life.