Simone looks for work

August 20, 2013

Will picks up liquor bottles in the bushes along the side of the house. No one in the household seems to know where they’re coming from. Will says he’s concerned they set a bad example for the young kids at the house.

Simone, 20, dresses for a job interview. She has trouble keeping jobs, but today she’s back on the hunt. In 2013 alone, Simone had a string of jobs she was unable to keep. Her mom says Simone worked at a bagel shop for a few weeks until she failed to show up on a Saturday.

Simone said she forgot to go. She worked at a coffee shop at City Hall for three months before she stopped showing up. She lasted for a few days as a receptionist at a hair salon; she walked out in tears after feeling her co-workers were making fun of her. Today she searched online and made phone calls. While speaking with the Bear Tooth Theatrepub, she was asked to come right over for an interview. She rode over to the restaurant and was offered work that day.

Originally published May 3, 2014 by Kyle Hopkins in Anchorage Daily News.